Special Openings

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When size matters…

There are times in architectural design that there is the desire to simply open up a wall to allow for a true connection between interior and exterior spaces.

Pivot Systems

A number of years ago, Windowcraft was presented with a very interesting situation – create five and a half foot wide doors that were capable of being able to open easily, to be held open, and to close in a controlled manner.







Lift and Slide

A lift and slide system is a patio door on “steroids”.

Your typical patio door panel maxes out at four feet whereas a lift and slide panel can be six and a half feet wide. The hardware consists of a handle that can lift the panel and engage a top mounted roller that requires effortless pressure to move it. The panels can be of various woods and glass configurations.


Folding systems

If you think of a closet bi-fold door for a moment – and then expand that image into something spectacular that has the potential of creating openings as wide as forty-eight feet wide by twelve feet high, you have discovered the Eclipse Architectural System.

Eclipse Architectural is a hardware system engineered to facilitate the manufacture of door systems with many configurations of folding and swinging panels. The manufacture of the doors can be of many different woods and glazing materials and styles.

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