Modern, Traditional, Historical Restoration

Providing Custom, High Quality, Windows and Doors

All Windowcraft windows and doors are handmade. Guaranteed in quality. Made from only the finest materials. We prime components prior to assembly to insure a long life. Wood components are prepared for paint or stain finishes. Lumber is kiln dried, hand selected and shaped or moulded in our shop to our custom profiles. We use no finger joints or engineered lumber.


  • Hand Made

    By using a hands-on approach to building your windows and doors we ensure each and every component is of the highest quality even before the window or door is assembled. This ensures that even the part you can’t see will last a lifetime.


  •  Craftsmanship

    Windowcraft uses the perfect blend of old school know-how and modern equipment, from design to assembly, to ensure that each an every design or window will continue to perform as well as it did the day it was installed.

  • Innovative Design

    Just because it has to match a ‘turn of the century’ window does not means it has to perform like one.  Windowcraft uses the most current design innovations to meet the needs of the ‘historic restoration’ project as well as the ‘modern new construction’ project.  In each case providing reliable operation, energy efficiency and stylish elegance.

  • Design Consultation

    Highly dedicated design consults can help you through the process whatever size the project is.  From product selection, material choices, glass options, hardware to maintenance and energy considerations.