Hung Windows

April 1  |  Windows  |   wcadmin

Installations into existing frames

Hung windows frames are normally quite deep, because of a wind stop on the exterior and a sash stop on the interior, making them difficult to fit into existing frames.
Installing windows into existing frames is usually done to maintain the interior trim and finishes. It is a solution that has mixed results, especially when dealing with hung windows.

Working with architect Robert Sims on the windows for his 1880’s Cabbagetown home, we looked for a solution that would provide all new material to the exterior, and minimize the effect of fitting the new window into the existing frame. On a single hung window the wind stop is redundant since the upper sash is fixed. We resolved that the interior sash stop could be installed on site. Many sketches later the solution was resolved. We went into production.

The installation became the next important step. The talents of Innovative Building Systems took on the challenge. The existing sashes and brick mould were carefully removed. The new window fit like a glove into the old frame. The installation of the interior sash stops had to be done with care, as they became a working part of the window. New brick mould and an exterior sill piece completed the installation. The results were very pleasing.

We have repeated this detail many times. Each situation needs to be evaluated individually and skilled installation is necessary.

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